PlasmaTunes Widget

PlasmaTunes Widget 1.0

An iTunes controller fitted with a motion light


  • Motionlight seems to move to music


  • Shows a random top 10
  • Can't change plasma color or lamp style


What do you get when you mix a Motion Light with iTunes? PlasmaTunes is the answer. This little widget will display a Motion Light on your Dashboard and play back music from iTunes at the same time. It features basic playback buttons start/pause, forward and backwards. Clicking on play will also open iTunes if it isn't on. Pressing on the keynote at the top of the widget will show you the top 10 itunes store songs for the moment, but you won't be able to view other top 10 lists.

We were slightly disappointed that the widget does not allow you to change either plasma or lamp style and more often than not found that it was best to control songs from iTunes altogether, as the playback features are fairly limited. Obviously you shouldn't expect too much from a widget. In this sense, PlasmaTunes is a nice combination of a Dashboard decoration and a simple audio tool.

Are you the type of guy that can't handle using a widget that does nothing? Perhaps you email developers to tell them their widget does nothing.. Well this widget is designed with you in mind! After numerous emails about our Plasmatube widget, complaining that while the widget looked awesome it did nothing else, We decided to do something about it.. We're pleased to introduce the PlasmaTunes Widget for Dashboard!

Engineered Like No Other. Our PlasmaTunes Light Leaves your grandpas old Motion Light in the 60's! We have filled this sucker with a material patented exclusively to innermindMedia. This Plasma is like no liquid you've ever seen and it simply defies the laws of gravity and physics. This is the ultimate Eye Candy for your OS X Dashboard and guess what, It does something PlasmaTunes is the coolest itunes controller ever and with the click of a button you have all the top 10 Itunes songs right at your fingertips.

PlasmaTunes Widget


PlasmaTunes Widget 1.0

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